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Selling your house can be very difficult, take a lot of time, and can cost you a fortune. Updating or repairing the home can cost thousands to tens of thousands. Commissions and closing costs will be in the thousands. Staging and showing your home over and over can be very stressful and time-consuming. And then you may not find a buyer!

A Fair Cash Offer

Alternatively, if you are looking for a cash home buyer, you can sell your home to an investor like American Home Buyer -completely stress-free- and be done with it. We pay cash and buy Houston homes as is, so the process is simple and fast. With a little information on your property, we can determine if your house meets our criteria, and we can make you a cash offer for your home today.

We Have Bought hundreds of Houston Area Homes. Some Homeowners needed us to move FAST.

You may need to stop a foreclosure, pay medical bills, relocate, or maybe you have an empty rental unit. In other words, you need someone to buy your house right away. We specialize in closing these types of transactions and can do so in a matter of days.  Can I really sell my house if I’m facing foreclosure? Yes, in most cases the lender would love to get paid! A cash buyer changes everything. Especially one like American Home Buyer that can close quickly. Also, stopping the foreclosure will probably save your credit from getting worse. Download our “How To Stop Foreclosure”  free report for more information.

And, some Homeowners need 30-60 days.

Maybe you need time to find a place and get all moved out. We understand that and are flexible as to when we can close. Remember, we are not buying your home to live in it, so we can close whenever you are ready.

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So Who Is American Home Buyer?

We have been the most trusted Houston home buying service in the Houston area since 1998. We specialize in buying and remodeling homes in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Missouri City, Spring, Tomball and more. We have a solid reputation of being open and honest and paying fair prices for homes.

We strive to help you solve your problems, and not with just the price of your home. We can also help you resolve tricky probate, divorce, and foreclosure situations. We can close whenever YOU are ready to move. And you can leave behind items you don’t need or want when you move out.

We do not employ pushy sales people nor use pressure tactics. This transaction has to work for both of us, or we simply don’t do it. For more info on us, visit our Who We Are page.

Where Does American Home Buyer Buy Houses?

We buy houses all over the Houston area, including Sugar Land, Missouri City, Katy, Spring, Tomball and surrounding areas. We know the area, which means our home buying team can purchase your house fast no matter where it is or what condition it’s in (even if there are tenants).

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