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We have hundreds of happy Houston area customers and we’ve listed some of their Testimonials and Reviews below. Here you will find home sellers we helped by buying their Houston area home while they faced issues like: inheritance, divorce, retirement, relocation, too many repairs, and foreclosure. If you are like us, it’s important to make sure you are dealing with a company with a proven track record of being open and honest with it’s clients.

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American Home Buyer Reviews

“They went the extra mile…it was unbelievable.” – Mr. Rice, 21 Dover Dr., Conroe, TX

They went the extra mile...it was unbelievable

“I could sell my house as is, I could name my closing date.” – Ms. Hundley, 5859 Village Forest Ct, Houston, TX

I could sell my house as is, I could name my closing date.It turned out to be easier than it sounded

“Within 15 minutes we had a deal… stress was non-existent” – Mr. & Mrs. Pfluger, 260 El Dorado Blvd, Houston, TX

"Within 15 minutes we had a deal... stress was non-existent"

“The process wasn’t stressful at all…I am very satisfied with the outcome” – Ms. Lubinrismay, 6338 Dryad Dr, Houston, TX

"The process wasn't stressful at all... I am very satisfied with the outcome"

“We didn’t want to have to fix the house…” – Mr. & Mrs. Charmo, 12227 Green Glade Dr, Houston, TX

'..we didn't want to have to fix the house."

“…I had 3 people bid…just go to American Home Buyer and be done with it and save yourself a lot of grief” – Dr. Trick, 10002 Green Tree Rd, Houston, TX

"Just go to American Home Buyer and be done with it!"

“Huge burden lifted off!”-Ann Belford, 12550 Piping Rock Dr, Houston, TX

"A huge burden lifted off my shoulders"

“Its simpler, easier…and they gave us the Best Price!”– Mr. & Mrs. Carter, 11731 Quail Creek Dr, Houston, TX

"Its Simpler, Easier... and they gave us the Best Price!"

“It has been a real Blessing…”– Mr. & Mrs. Higginbotham, 8903 Hazen St, Houston, TX

"It has been a real blessing..."

“Very accommodating…as much time as we needed” – Mr. & Mrs. Amerman, 7107 Plaza Del Sol Dr, Houston, TX

"Very accommodating... as much time as we needed"

“We worked through a few small items… very pleased” – Mr. Rivera, 15919 Boulder Oaks Dr, Houston, TX

"We worked through a few small items... very pleased"

“It couldn’t have went much better!” – Ms. Lopez-Ramirez, 1950 Cheyenne River Cir, Sugar Land, TX

"It couldn't have went much better!"

“A week later, we had closed the deal…” – Mr. Rasheed, 902 Taylor Ridge, Spring, TX

American Home Buyer Helped Me Sell My House in Houston!

“Feel very free of all the problems of the house…”  – Mr. & Mrs. Beier, 15327 E Barbara Cir, Houston, TX

"Feel very free of all the problems of the house..."

“My mother’s house was sold very quickly” – Mr. Worthington, 2326 Bradford Dr, Missouri City, TX

"My mother's house was sold very quickly"

“I would highly recommend them!” – Ms. Landry, 3035 The Highlands Dr, Sugar Land, TX

"...it was a speedy process..I would highly recommend them!"

“…Es muy bueno!” – Ms. Corrales, 1950 Cheyenne River Cir, Sugar Land, TX

"...Es Muy Bueno!"

” It was time for me to downsize…” – Mr. Anding, 7711 Hopewell Ln, Houston, TX

"American Home Buyers...they helped me in a time of need."

” It was smooth… and honest..” – Mr. & Mrs. Hass, 16719 Castle Fraser Dr, Houston, TX

"American Home Buyer.........Made it a Wonderful Experience!"

” We are very happy with all the results..” – Ms. Wilkening, 5710 Cartagena, Houston, TX

I would Recommend them to you

“The house was in bad repair and had a couple of judgements…” – Ms. Eubanks, 2742 Shadowdale Dr, Houston, TX

"I don't know what I would have done without American Home Buyer!"

“We had an estate property…..fair and reasonable price

"Thanks American Home Buyer"

“We were looking for an easier way to sell our home…” – Mr. & Mrs. Clements, 23819 Sawmill Pass, Rayford, TX

“They gave us more than what we thought we were going to get!” 

“Just an easy process… I recommend them to you” – Ms. Francis, 9615 Stockport Dr, Spring, TX

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