Who is American Home Buyer?

American Home Buyer is a local and family owned real estate investment company that started here in Houston in 1998. We are not realtors. We specialize in buying residential properties in “as-is” condition and remodeling them for resale. We have bought and sold hundreds of Houston area Houses, Townhomes and Condominiums…  and we would love to buy yours. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can know you are dealing with trusted professionals.

Congratulations American Home Buyer in Houston! Winner of Better Business Bureau Distinction Award in 2015.

BBB Winner of Distinction 2015 for American Home Buyer

Locally Owned and Operated Right Here in Houston… We’ll Meet You Face-To-Face!

As you can tell from our testimonials from happy customers, American Home Buyer strives to make sure every home we buy puts the customer’s needs first. Of course we need to make a profit, but you must get a fair price, so we always look for “win-win” solutions. We are real people, all living right here in the Houston area, with families just like you. We will meet with you and be accessible to you by phone anytime you need us through this process.

We also know its not just about the money.

You have other needs which we will meet… some that could not be met by selling to a “retail” buyer through a realtor.  Obviously you need someone you can trust, but you really need a buyer who understands and respects your situation. Not only do we understand “sticky” selling situations, but we can patiently walk you through these situations and answer all your questions along the way-without wanting to back out like a retail buyer would. We regularly buy homes from homeowners going through Divorce, Probate,  Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Relocation, Medical Bills, Tired Landlords, Inheritance, Retirement, too Many Repairs, or just needing to move without the hassle of marketing their home. This is our expertise! But more than that…

We are Not Buying Your Home To Live In It!

Since we are not buying your home to live in it, we can close whenever YOU are ready, we can buy your house without needing it repaired or cleaned up, and our offer is guaranteed and final. Meaning: we will not have contingencies in our offer like a retail buyer would. (A retail buyer’s offer will have contingencies for obtaining financing, approval of inspections, and a sufficient appraisal.) When we make an offer to buy your home, that is it. We have already done our own in-house appraisal, inspection, and we don’t need financing. In other words, once you have our agreement to purchase your house, its over. You are guaranteed a closing at that price and can then move on with confidence with the next steps in your life.

Who We Are NOT

  • Some Home Buying companies claim to send you on to “multiple investors.” These are usually wholesalers who won’t really buy your house, but flip the contract to other investors who will hopefully buy it.   We are the ones who actually buy the properties!  If we make you an cash offer, we are prepared to actually close and buy the house.
  • We do not employ pushy salespeople and never use pressure tactics. We understand this decision is a big part of your life. A decision that requires a clear understanding of your options, with time to decide what is best for you. When we make you an offer, we will always be respectful of all your needs and rights, like your privacy, and your time line.
  • We are not realtors. We are an actual buyer for your property.
So…If you need a company you can trust with a proven record of being open and honest, you have found us! American Home Buyer has an A+ rating with the Better Business bureau and If you would like to read our history with them, just visit the BBB site.

If you have any questions or just want to learn more about us… please call us anytime!

Call Us Today!   713-255-9850


The American Home Buyer Team

American Home Buyer- Mika Self
MIKA SELF – Investor and Manager      Mika has been buying homes in Houston since 1998. He is a self taught entrepreneur with a background in finance and selling. Mika is a great husband and father, he’s actually pretty funny, and is not too bad on the basketball court!


ARLENE BUSTAMANTE – Appointment Manager       Arlene is the person you will likely talk to first if you need to sell your home. Arlene has a background in Property Management and Credit Consulting. Careful, her positive attitude is contagious!


CHRIS PRYOR – Transaction Coordinator      Chris is the one who will help you with the “Closing” of your property. Chris’s background is in Property Management and is a veteran of the Marine Corps- “Semper Fi”


American Home Buyer - Austin Taylor photo
AUSTIN TAYLOR – Acquisitions       Austin is one of our Purchasing Managers who will come out to make an offer on your house. Austin’s background is in construction materials and sales. He’s a native Houstonian and LOVES hunting!


SEAN OSTRANDER – Acquisitions Sean is another of our Purchasing Managers. He has interned around the world in several business capacities and speaks several languages. He is newly married, so you can give him a hard time and he won’t even really notice!


BLAIR CARRENS – Acquisitions     Blair is another of our purchasing managers. Blair has an background in sales and loves helping people. Blair served in the Ar Force and can tell some interesting stories about refueling planes in the air!


DAVID KENNEDY – Aquisitions       David is another of our Purchasing Managers. David has been in sales most of his life. He is a family man and a great Basketball Coach for some of our youth!


CHUCK HOSKINS – Investor Sales Manager       Chuck handles Investor relations. If we sell a property to other investors, Chuck is the man. Chuck’s a family man with a long background in Real Estate Investing. If you need a deal- he is your guy.


American Home Buyer - Jonathan Morrison photo
JONATHAN MORRISON – Project Manager   Jonathan is responsible for managing our remodeling process. His background is in new construction and remodeling homes. If you buy one of our homes, you can thank him for the great finishes and construction!

American Home Buyer- Scott Baker Photo
SCOTT BAKER – Marketing Director       Scott is responsible for all marketing and helps manage the acquisitions process. His background is in Marketing and Real Estate. If you get a little yellow postcard in the mail, he’s to blame!

Lois DeArmas Photo
LOIS DE ARMAS – Sales and Leasing        Lois is our local Remax agent and handles all of our sales. She has been specializing in the Houston real estate market since 2004 and is in the REMAX Hall of Fame!

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Our Vision
The Purpose of American Home Buyer is to glorify God by proving to be Houston’s most trusted home buying firm.

Our Mission
We provide relief for distressed homeowners by buying their house quickly, easily and at a fair price.

Our Values
• Integrity — We use the Bible as our “standard” to conduct day to day activities.
• Honesty — We tell the truth.
• Positive Attitude — Our attitude is a reflection of our heart.
• Passion — We demonstrate enthusiasm for the work we do.
• Communication — We strive to “over communicate” clearly and effectively to ensure all team members have clear vision and direction.
• Gratitude — All we have and all we do are gifts from God.
• Excellence — How we do our work is our gift back to God.
• Respect — Everyone is created in God’s image and we strive to treat our clients and team members as we would like to be treated — as unique, valued individuals.
• Compassion — We have a strong desire to solve the problems of distressed homeowners.
• Missions — We are intentional about sharing the Gospel by our actions and words.
• Fun Environment — We enjoy serving God while serving other people.