Marketing Technologist

Position Summary

The Marketing Technologist (MT) role for American Home Buyer (AHB) is an exciting entry level position that is primarily responsible for the technical side of marketing. As MT, you will report directly to and work closely with the Marketing Director. You will be maintaining websites, helping to manage the CRM and other marketing softwares, and would help to mine and process data for various direct marketing efforts. There is also some limited need to produce/design/write for the “creative” side of marketing.

  • This is a permanent and full time position with a compensation range of $40-50k annually, depending on your experience.
  • Typical schedule is 8:30-5:30, Monday through Friday (can flex)
  • PTO time: 5 days 1st 2 years, and 10 days afterwards
  • 7+ Paid Holidays off per year
  • Company health insurance plan (self pay)
  • $500 bonuses for referrals of homes purchased
  • $1000 bonus for referring new AHB hires


This position is responsible for but is not limited to:

  • Websites
    • Post, Test and Maintain all Website/Landing Pages, Property Listings, Testimonials and Reviews
    • Monitor and assist in SEO efforts
  • Direct Mail
    • Assist in data mining (Excel, Access, etc)
    • Process data for mailing (standardizing and cleaning)
    • Track and monitor direct mail efforts
  • CRM
    • Assist in CRM management and design (Podio and Globiflow)
  • Statistics
    • Assist in tracking and reporting statistics across all marketing and lead generation efforts (Klipfolio and Podio)
    • Post, track and audit marketing spend
  • Creative
    • Manage and monitor Facebook ad campaigns
    • Manage, edit and post video to YouTube channel
    • Harvest Reviews across all platforms
    • Regular posts for GoogleMyBiz and Facebook
    • Marketing of Properties across various vendor sites and via eblasts
    • Write and Post Blog articles
  • Administrative
    • Maintain documentation for all Processes for this position
    • General backup for office duties and calls as needed


  • Able to learn and adapt to software programs quick
  • Some experience with WordPress sites , Excel, Access or other data programs
  • Comfortable with handling and editing video and graphics
  • Experience with posting and managing Facebook and Youtube accounts
  • Basic understanding of SEO, PPC, google analytics, etc

Summary: The ideal candidate will have a strong analytical and technical aptitude, and solid experience in either Excel, Access, or other data processing programs. Most of our programs and platforms will be easy to learn because of your strong technical aptitude. Since you will be working directly with the Marketing Director, you will have the opportunity to learn, participate and support all marketing strategies which include Direct Mail Campaigns, Television Advertising, Facebook Marketing, and SEO strategies. You are highly detailed and can perform most duties without supervision. You are self-motivated, enjoy working alone, but also like working with a team and appreciate a professional but fun team culture. You are not just looking for a J.O.B., but a family-company atmosphere. You are the kind of person we like to reward because you work hard and have an attitude of “ownership” for your role in the company.

Steps To Apply…

  1. Read about who American Home Buyer is (here on this site).
  2. Download and complete this form: *Career History Form (PDF)
  3. Email the Career History Form, your Resume, and a brief email explaining why you think you will be a fit at American Home Buyer. Email all to:,  with Marketing Position in the subject line.
  4. Also, please immediately take the “Predictive Index”  assessment. There are two tests that take about 15 minutes. To take the assessment, go to:  *LINK FOR PI TEST. The results will automatically be sent to us.
  5. We will then contact you by email to continue to the next step.

Thank you for your Interest in American Home Buyer!